Meta Fight

Meta Fight belongs to the type of game with a "play-to-earn" model, it allows players can get profit from the game through buying, selling, exchanging items. They have ownership of all of their items in the game. The economic system in the game is geared towards people playing and bringing special values ​​in the real world. Players can generate income just by playing the game.
Meta Fight is an interesting game in which players will have the task of collecting all the parts needed to create superheroes. Superheroes can move freely through the universe, observe all the mechanics, experience everything, and be completely immersed in the Metaverse. Every player has the opportunity to build superheroes with unbeatable strength-the deciding factor for success or failure in the game.
The main tasks of players in Meta Fight are:
  • Defeating opponents in a single battle
  • Collecting parts
  • Designing superheroes from parts
  • Customize superheroes's look

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