Imagine that one day you will become a trainer in Monster's world. We bet that you will be surprised by the talent that you have.
Yes, Casumon will be a perfect place for players to discover their strength in this field - training Monsters. Belongs to the type of game with a "play-to-earn" model, Casumon allows players to get profit from the game through buying, selling, exchanging items.
Besides that, players can get more interesting experiences from catching monsters, training, take care of them to boost their strength to become the strongest ones. There are various events that players can attend with their monsters. So let's start right now to see how cool Casumon is!
When players join Casumon, they will have a chance to:
  • Catch and train Monsters.
  • Create the best journey alongside Buddy Monsters to make them stronger and earn attractive rewards.
  • Make a unique Monsters team.
  • Team up with other trainers to catch more-powerful Monsters.
  • Participate in ranked matches, and earn points and climb up to the global leaderboard.