Great market place, where to search, exchange NFT quickly and conveniently

Welcome to metaxiz

Metaxiz is a great marketplace where searching and exchanging NFTs is quick and convenient. We want to develop an ecosystem around NFT assets, Support NFT projects with a vibrant environment and market to interact with users, to introduce our projects in a simple way.
MEXI is our system governance token. MEXI is used to trade NFT on the system, stake earn NFT, pay a transaction fee if any, hold MEXI have the opportunity to receive many incentives and bonuses for the following products: Lottery, farming, voting. Especially, MEXI is the base coin of our future blockchain METAXIZ

In Our System

💹 Market Place
NFT transactions are fast, safe and secure.

🔥 Earn

You can increase profits by staking MEXI, staking NFT to earn valuable NFT

💰 Lottery

With the random drawing system, every week the system will find and reward the lucky user, get the prize just by becoming a member of the system.

🌾 Launchpad

We develop the launchpad system, support to introduce potential projects after carefully selecting users
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