Meta Fight

Meta Fight

Welcome to Meta Fight

Meta Fight is a fighting game based on Blockchain technology. You can collect parts, create heroes, battle with others, and earn rewards. Challenge yourself with various game modes: Versus, Arena, Special events, ect... on-coming with monthly updates and attractive rewards.
Not only fighting, players can build and decorate to make a hero become unique. With many different parts and powerful painting tools, the only limit is your imagination!
You will have a chance to discover a brand new experience! Winning is not guaranteed to anyone who pauses the game even for a second. Keep the battle alive to revive the lost heroes with your fighting skills and your battling tactics. The fiercest war awaits!

In our product

💀 Defeating

Destroy the strongest enemies to become the champion.

💎 Collecting

Collect a lot of good parts to create your superheroes.

🖊 Build

Use parts you have collected to build your own special heroes

🎨 Decorate

Use the Paint feature to decorate your way and create the most unique heroes
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